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Ella Magers

With 25 years as an ethical vegan under her belt, Sexy Fit Vegan® founder Ella Magers, MSW strives to empower people to build a plant-strong body, heart, and mind for LIFE.

Ella has been a transformational coach for over 15 years. She is featured in the media as an expert on veganism, wellness, and fitness (click on her image above to listen to one of her latest appearances). Ella is a published author and speaker who has conducted workshops across the globe. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach certification to further her coaching skills.

Ella set out to bring veganism into the mainstream at a young age. Along the way, she has been named among Shape Magazine’s 50 Hottest Trainers in America. She took first place in the bikini division at the FAME Fitness World Championships, and was named Trainer of the Month on Bodybuilding.com.

After healing from her own struggles with disordered eating and a distorted body image, Ella developed the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program to help people align their actions with their values, develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and create a joyful and meaningful life.

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