I am opening up my community Plant Based By Design on Tuesday September 1st.

Welcome to the live interactive community that is designed to support you in your health and weight loss goals!

By being a part of the live interactive community you get:

program elements

  • A custom designed life plan
  • Two live group calls per month with teaching, Q&A, and coaching.
  • Two live cooking demonstrations per month


  • Clarity for your goals
  • An understanding of your personal “WHY”



  • An accountability partner
  • Group support

Come experience the support of like minded people who will hold you high, won’t let you slack, push you to achieve your goals, give you a shoulder to cry on, and challenge you in a good way . Master all of the components of my signature Eat Drink and Still Shrink Method.

This community is for people who want to lose weight, who want to lower their blood pressure and blood sugar, get off medications, gain energy, and clear their mind. It’s for people who are motivated towards achieving their goals, who are learning and applying right away, who know how to receive support and are willing to provide support. This community is for you if you know that you need support to be able to achieve or sustain your goals. It’s for you if you want something new and fresh to pick you up!

The Plant Based by Design community is not for people who avoid community support, who are not able to receive feedback and provide feedback with empathy, it’s not for people who won’t follow the method.

Plant Based by Design is an ongoing community group. I have clients that have been in this community and using this method for years, for some people they need a jump start and for others longevity is what works. So I made this easy, I made it so easy you can’t say no. It is an initial 3 month commitment and then month to month thereafter.